Wednesday, November 08, 2006


According to the Pennsylvania Department of State's election returns Website, the unofficial returns show that we received 46.2 percent of the vote in yesterday's election to choose the new state representative from the 46th District.

THANK YOU to all of the voters who supported my candidacy and to all of my supporters -- family members, friends, neighbors, campaign volunteers and donors. This was an effort of hundreds of people and I'm thankful for the contributions that all of you made.

THANKS AGAIN in a special way to everyone who worked yesterday for me outside the polls, as well as to our poll watchers, drivers and those who made phone calls. I am extremely grateful for all of your efforts. Your work had an impact!

It's hard to put the results into perspective the morning-after. But, what I do know is this: Representative democracy is the best system of government available to us. For democracy to work, we need candidates to run for office. And, as it's a zero-sum game, at least 50 percent of those candiates have to be unsuccessful. Without that, we would not have democracy.

I hope that my State House campaigns have inspired others to become active in local politics and perhaps consider being candidates themselves someday.

Some food for thought from Theodore Roosevelt:

"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorius triumphs, even though checkered by failure ... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."


Raegene Stetar said...

Six months ago I attended a B.A.R.C.(Burgettstown Area Republican Committee) meeting only because a rep from Lynn Swann's campaign was going to be there and I was trying to get Mr. Swann to come to the Burgettstown Community Days. Paul Snatchko was also in attendance. I had met Paul briefly and knew him to see him, but I basically knew nothing about him other than he wanted to be the next representative for the 46th district. That evening I sat quietly (which is difficult for me) and listened to what he had to say. A lot of it made sense and as I listened I realized the level of committment he was bringing to the table. I made up my mind that evening that I wanted to help him in some small way. I hope I did.
There were some issues I didn't agree with him on and when I told him why, he never once talked down to me or led me to believe he wasn't truly listening to what I had to say and trying to understand my side of the matter. In the past months I have come to know and repect Paul and hope that he knows how much he has affected and influenced me and so many others. KUDOS to Paul, Tom and Andy for a clean, well run camapign. Guys, in my mind and hearts you are all winners!

Raegene Stetar
Burgettstown, PA

J Bertha said...

I just wanted to say that I think Paul Snatchko is a truly outstanding person and citizen of Pa. I will continue to work with the Burgettstown area republican committee to support our candidates. I haven't lost faith and although I am sad that team snatchko has come to an end I will still go out and make a difference in the community. Paul has inspired me to do so. I will certainly miss Tom and the rest of my friends in team snatchko. Till next time. Jen Bertha Burgettstown

Scott E. Crawford said...

After this election, it's evident that the Republican Party needs to reform, especially on the national level. Paul, you and the staff ran a fantastic, clean campaing. You were a beacon of class and dignity, striving to attain the most noble position of all: that of the public servant. It was not Team Snatchko that failed, nor was it the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. It was the national Republican Party that failed us. I am honored beyond words to have been given such a tremendous opportunity to work for your campaign. I pray God that Mr. White displays the same class that you showed during this campaign while he serves in office. God Bless, Paul, and thanks for the memories.

Yours in Liberty,
Scott E. Crawford