Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's overwhelming to think of the number of people to whom I owe gratitude this Thanksgiving. In the past 12 months (and for the past several years), so many friends, family members, neighbors and supporters accompanied me on the journey of my campaigns for the State House.

THANK YOU to all of you for all of your contributions – by circulating nominating petitions, hosting events in your homes, taking me door-to-door in your neighborhoods, writing friend-to-friend postcards, making phone calls, putting up yard signs, helping on Election Days, attending fundraisers and making contributions. So many were so very generous over and over again – and there is no way I can fully express my thanks. Please accept my apologies for any instance in which I neglected to thank you personally for a contribution of any kind.

May God bless all of you during the holidays!

And, a little Small Town Americana this Thanksgiving 2006: below is a campaign photo we never posted to the blog:

Pictured (clockwise after yours truly) are Betty Brodmerkel of Frankfurt Springs Borough; our assistant campaign manager, Andy Walz; my goddaugher, Georgianna Horvath; Rocco Giglio of Mt. Pleasant Township; my cousin, Casey Horvath (holding her son, Brandon Richard); and Ernie McCullough of South Franklin Township. This photograph was taken by Harry Giglio, a Pittsburgh-based photographer who lives in the Village of Primrose in Mt. Pleasant Township.

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