Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our Commercial

Today, our campaign commercial began airing on the local Comcast cable system. You can also view it here.


Jim Price said...

No word about you raising income taxes, which is what you plan to do to make up for eliminating property taxes.

As a conservative I'm ashamed that this is what passes for thought in the Republican party now.

No word from you on cutting useless state spending--instead, you go immediately to raising different taxes.

When will the GOP candidates realize that conservatives aren't going to be taken for granted simply because someone has a carrot of "pro-life" dangling in front of them? I expect better of Republicans, Mr. Snatchko, not "more of the same".

This state needs less taxes overall, not shifting the source. That's being a follower, not a leader.

J Bertha said...

I just want to say good luck to you on Tuesday and a few other things. I really think you are a caring person to think I met you only about 3 years ago when you came to my brothers welcome home party from afghanistan. You were selfless then and you are selfless now. I really want to thank you for all of your support this year to events I invited you too. Your true concern for the Burgettstown teen center made me motivated enough to help and your helping out with the american cancer society this year to raise money when I asked you about it you jumped on the bandwagon and got involved and pledged to get involved next year. It has been a pleasure to help you out this year and it also was great getting to know your campaign manager Tom Baker such a nice guy. So is Andy Walz. I wish you the best of luck on election day. Jen Bertha Burgettstown