Monday, November 06, 2006

Public Service

Earlier tonight, I took part in the regular monthly meeting of McDonald Borough Council, of which I have had the honor to serve as a member for more than four years. Serving on council has been a tremendous experience for me -- and I am grateful to the voters of my hometown who have given me this opportunity to serve.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7, I am asking the voters of Pennsylvania's 46th Legislative District to elect me to be their next representative in the General Assembly -- and give me the opportunity for public service in a larger capacity. It's a historic moment -- the first time in more than 26 years that the district's voters are guaranteed to elect a new state representative.

If elected, I would work hard to be a servant leader and put the interests of the people ahead of my own and those of the political bosses. As one voter told me earlier this year: "Don't be a politician. Just be a human being."

With just hours before the polls open, I'm overwhelmed by the hundreds and hundreds of people from all three counties of the 46th District to whom I owe thanks for walking with me on this journey. Family members, high school friends, college friends, past co-workers, neighbors, donors, advisors -- some I have known since childhood, others only for a few months. So many people have been vital parts of my campaigns.

In a particular way, I want to say THANK YOU to all those who will be outside the polls speaking on my behalf tomorrow. Thank you for sacrificing all or part of your day for this important part of the campaign!

THANKS also to all those family members and friends who have been in and out of our campaign headquarters in these last few weeks making phone calls and writing friend-to-friend postcards. Your active involvement means a great deal to me -- and your companionship has helped to keep me sane. (Special thanks to my campaign chairwoman, Meryl Hatton; to my cousin, Luke Snatchko; and to John Welch -- all of whom took on leadership roles.)

A HUGE debt of THANKS is owed to my assistant campaign manager, Andy Walz. Andy sacrificed his first months out of college for this campaign and his dedication and spirit gave new energy to our efforts. We would have been much less without him. THANK YOU, ANDY!

Finally, I need to say that my 2006 candidacy would not have been possible were it not for the work of my campaign manager, Tom Baker. Tom sacrificed a year of his life for this campaign. Every day for the past year, he worked diligently to spread the word about me and the race -- most of those days making an hour-long drive from the East End of Pittsburgh to Washington County to do it. Tom's friendly tenacity was often what kept me going. Regardless of whether I am the top vote-getter tomorrow, Tom Baker's efforts have strengthened the body politic of the 46th Legislative District.

THANK YOU, Tom, for all of your work!

Polls are open tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please remember to VOTE and take a friend with you!

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TomBaker said...

Thank you, Paul! I was honored to help lead Team Snatchko in 2006. This was a special year, filled with many good memories. I have learned so much and have been blessed to work with so many wonderful and passionate people. We also had a top notch candidate who is a truly special person. We laughed, we cried, we didn't sleep, and we ate far too much chinese. I've been up for way too long---but I will be definitely be sending out some messages to Team Snatchko soon. Thank you all!