Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Earlier today, a friend and I had lunch at Mr. Gyros, a tiny Greek restaurant on West Maiden Street in Washington, PA. Just about the time we were ordering, a TV in a corner of the room was tuned to CNN showing the "breaking news" of the guilty verdict in the Scooter Libby case.

On the other side of the small restaurant, a woman was calling out her approval of the verdict and clapping -- two, maybe three times this happened.

What makes this noteworthy? The woman exclaiming her happiness at the verdict was Debbie O'Dell Seneca, the president judge of Washington County, the head of our county court system (pictured).


Sizzler Sue said...

Why is it inappropriate that someone appreciate it when a criminal is brought to justice for his crimes? And what should it matter that she is a judge?

As a local elected official, I have to question your decorum to openly criticize the President Judge of the County over something so trivial.

You had better hope that you never end up in front of her.

ponderosa pete said...

By openly showing her approval for such a shady, corrupt and politically motivated conviction Mrs. Seneca is making a public statement that she herself approves of 'end justifies the means' prosecution. With Mrs. Seneca and DA Pettit, who needs the Sopranos?