Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In Memoriam: Don Tayor: 1927 - 2007

During my State House campaigns, I came to really like a group of the old-timers from the Burgettstown area -- many of whom I met through the Burgettstown Knights of Columbus and Our Lady of Lourdes Church. On Monday, we lost one of these old-timers -- Don Taylor.

Don's obituary is in today's O-R. It makes note of his service as a Mt. Pleasant Township supervisor and his work with the Knights and the Burgettstown Senior Center.

In 2006, Don attended some of my campaign events and spent time on my behalf outside the polls. But more important to me was his advice about changes in the local political scene. His instincts were nearly always on-target. I'll miss him.

From the prayers at the end of the funeral Mass:


May the angels lead you into paradise,
may the martyrs come to welcome you,
and take you to the holy city,
the new and eternal Jerusalem.

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