Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yesterday, Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto pulled out of the race for Mayor of Pittsburgh, seemingly giving Luke Ravenstahl a free pass to a win in November. Pathetic.

There is no longer democracy in the City of Pittsburgh. The City government is an oligarchy controlled by the Democrat Committee and the handful of dominant Democrat families and their loyalists. Communist China and the ghosts of Soviet Russia would be proud.

Can any city thrive or any region grow without political competition pushing its leaders?

The “leaders” of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh Republican Committee should resign. They have shown themselves incapable of sustaining the two-party system.

Today's P-G has an excellent editorial also lamenting this sad state of affairs.

(P-G photo above by Rebecca Droke. Rebecca's caption: Pittsburgh Councilman William Peduto announces he will withdraw from the Democratic primary for mayor at a news conference at his campaign headquarters in East Liberty yesterday.)

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