Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fulfilling A Responsibility

Michael Luo has an interesting article in today's New York Times about life post-Speakership for U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert.

From Michael's article:

Mr. Hastert, 65, of Illinois, who at eight years was the longest-serving Republican speaker in history, is getting used to life among the proletariat in the “People’s House.” He is one of the few speakers, and the first since Joseph W. Martin Jr. in the 1950s, to rejoin the rank and file.

“You miss being in the fight every day,” Mr. Hastert said in a rare interview. “That’s part of human nature. I’m an old coach. You like the competition, but, you know, things change.” ...

There has been talk of an ambassadorship in Mr. Hastert’s future, but he all but ruled that out, saying his wife was reluctant to leave Illinois. They also have a new grandson. His plan for now, he said, is to serve the rest of his term. He hinted he might run again, pointing out that he was raising money.

“People elected me in my district to run and to be a congressman, whether I was speaker or not,” Mr. Hastert said. “I’m going to fulfill that responsibility.”

(New York Times photo above by Doug Mills.)

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