Sunday, February 15, 2009

Behind the Lens

I have added a new blog called "Behind the Lens" to the link list. It's the blog of Celeste Van Kirk, a photographer for the Observer-Reporter, my one-time employer of fond memory.

In "Behind the Lens," Celeste posts photos from her travels around southwestern Pennsylvania.

I particularly liked this shot that she posted last September called "Blending In":

Celeste's caption: "A bullfrog lounges in a pond on Harmon Hills Farm in Hopewell Township."

Here's another fine shot called "Seasonal Red Sea":

Celeste's caption: "Mary Zuchowski of Richeyville, is tending to a seasonal red sea of poinsettias at Litton's Greenhouses. Mary has worked at the Greenhouses for over half a century in Richeyville."

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Concord Carpenter said...

I love the bullfrom picture.