Thursday, February 12, 2009

A "Kumbaya"-singing Unitarian?

Today, over at Googling God, Mike shared one of the perils of blogging: the crazy comment. In this case, a rambling, poorly-spelled and annoyingly ALL CAPS comment.

Mr. or Mrs. ALL CAPS accused Mike of being a liberal Catholic.

In one of the more coherent bits, the person predicted that "... WATERED DOWN CUMBYA FEELY FEELY LEFTIST YUM YUM LIBERAL CATHOLICISM IS COMING TO A SCREECHING HALT... "

To quote Deacon Greg, this is another reminder that "while some blog readers may be Catholic, they at times forget they are Christian."

Mike aptly replied to his correspondent (with the photo at right as evidence):

"I'm a Catholic. I love our Pope. I love Cardinals (see, here I am with Cardinal George). I love the church. And I hope our experiences can be less judgmental of one another and more focused on providing a window into where we all long for a connection for God."

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