Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"They Walk with Him"

In processing her own feelings, Amy has given a great gift to the rest of us.

From a new post yesterday at Charlotte was Both:

For years - 26, to be exact - I have practiced letting people belong to God, not me. It is my mode of parenting, to try my hardest to respect the child as a child, first of all, of God. The road was seriously paved for this when my oldest left home for college 8 years ago, totally on his own journey. And as he and the others grow and developed, I worked harder and harder on it inside my soul.

Let go. They are the Lord’s. They walk with Him, they do not belong to you, they do not exist for your satisfaction or pleasure or entertainment or for any affirmation of anything you have done. They are the Lord’s.

Little did I know, never could I have imagined that this effort of mine would be so deeply put to the test - most deeply put to the test - not by my children’s lives, but by my husband’s.

The image above is "Femmes au tombeau" by Maurice Denis (1870-1943).

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