Monday, May 04, 2009

GOOB in Union Square

Sunday night, en route home after Mass and a young adult event at St. Paul's, I stopped at the Virgin Megastore at the southern end of Union Square.

I was surprised to see the store's doors covered in "Going Out of Business" and "Everything on Sale" signs. Inside, a cashier told me that the store will close May 31 -- and that they were out of the item I had specifically gone there to buy.

This news broke in late February. One of my co-workers told me at the time but I didn't believe it to be true.

The recession is hitting home.

There's even a blog called Going-Out-Of-Business (GOOB), which just days ago reported on the demise of the Balducci's locations in Manhattan.

The image above is from here.

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St Edwards Blog said...

I used to work near Union Square when I was still downstate, I left almost 2 years ago.

I would walk by that store every day.It makes me sad to think of a giant empty store and more unemployed people.


Just earlier today I was telling someone that I knew the economy had a message two years ago; I started to see more homeless people sleeping in Union Square. In my prayers for that time - well I had no clue where this would all lead.

And I guess we still do not.

This comment sounds so cynical, it really isn't, I always find some sort of hope in it all.