Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mary's Month

For many Catholics, the month of May is a special time for remembering Mary, the mother of Jesus. One way to do this is to pray the rosary, a series of prayers that are said while meditating on specific events in the lives of Jesus and Mary.

From Spain, here are two videos for the month of May featuring young people who pray the rosary:

Hat-tip: Karlo M. Leonor

In honor of Mary's month, A Concord Pastor has found this great clip, too, with Bobby McFerrin performing a version of "Ave Maria":

"Oy vey, Maria" :-)

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St Edwards Blog said...

Oh my- I am sitting here weeping. That second video did me in and now my makeup must be reapplied (o vanity) before I head off to work.

As someone away from church for many years and who only returned reluctantly in 1990, it was the rosary that brought me home. I still pray the rosary, I will always pray the rosary.

That was beautiful.

This whole post is beautiful. Thank you for starting my day with such rich prayers and gifts.

God bless you.