Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Intellectual Honesty

Monday evening, I went to Theology-on-Tap NYC at Metro 53. The Midtown East bar was packed for a talk by Denver's Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

It was the largest crowd I've ever seen at a TOT with folks almost out the door.

Archbishop Chaput's remarks, titled "This Dual Life Will Self-Destruct," were forceful and intellectually honest in the kind of way that would make many uncomfortable (including, at times, yours truly).

The archbishop was unambiguous in his strong critique of the secular domination of our culture. He called upon Christians not be "part-time" in their faith -- and to be fully engaged in bringing Christian ideals and morals to the civic debate.

The archbishop also critiqued those who would downplay the identity of Jesus as "Lord" or "Son of God."

To frame his talk, Archbishop Chaput told the story of Blessed Franz J├Ągerst├Ątter (1907-1943). The Austrian layman, a conscientious objector during World War II, has been named a martyr by the Church.

Blessed Franz was a Christian who, to paraphrase the archbishop, lived his faith "full-time."


Ambrose said...

To get to have a beer with Chaput! No wonder there was a liune outside the door.

Did anyone toast Jaegerstaetter with a Jaegermeister?

Paul said...

No, but we should have! :-)

otb_natcorrespondents said...

The most rev chaput and the fans he wows have the luxury to "unambiguously strongly critique" our "secular dominated" precisely because it is strongly secular.

Imagine the society chaput's politics would actually create: The committed of every faith battling for supremacy, the arguments fueled by the conviction of Faith. That's a complete reversal of political progress. Of course if your goal -- opposite Jesus' teachings it seems to me -- is not to further "civil" society but to erect a catholic society (not the same thing despite what you may think), be prepared for the consequences and pretend at no surprise when the faithful of other religions set up their own fiefdoms and root out the catholics. It's happened before and there's not a new world to flee to this time.