Saturday, June 20, 2009


Since Tuesday evening, I have been on a staycation ("stay-cation?" "stacation?") here in NYC.

Staycations, "a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips to area attractions," have been much in the news this recession.

My staycation was prompted by the coinciding visits of Mischa, an old college comrade who lives in Los Angeles, and Ed, an old high school buddy from Pittsburgh. Both have been crashing here at the ole' pad in Little Italy.

Mischa is in NYC for the wedding this weekend of Sarah and Jesse.

Ed's motivation to visit the Empire State was the USGA's U.S. Open at Bethpage State Park on Long Island.

I joined Ed at the U.S. Open (thanks to some affordable tickets from StubHub). We attended the practice round on Wednesday as well as the competitive round on Friday. I had an excellent time -- I find watching golf to be very relaxing -- even if I do have a sunburn to show for it.

Thursday, we also journeyed north on the 4 train to the new Yankee Stadium only to be disappointed by the rain delay. After about an hour of checking out the Yankees' new digs, we decided to head back into Manhattan and spent the rainy afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Lots of walking around the city, dinners with other assorted friends and bar-hopping also have been on the agenda. Tomorrow, we're catching a matinee performance of the new Broadway play "Next Fall."

So, no, I'm not on a sunny beach or visiting a glittering European capital. But, I'm ruling my staycation a success.

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St Edwards Blog said...

Sounds lovely... It is something that I did not do enough of when I still lived in the NYC area.