Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The August Quiet

Fran has said "The End" at

Amy is leaving BeliefNet and going home.

The Anchoress is on retreat.

Deacon Greg is at Disney.

Rocco is in summer slowdown. (That's his beach shot at right.)

It's near silence in my favorite part of the Catholic blogosphere! :-(

At least A Concord Pastor is still chiming in from the Cape. In fact, he just introduced us to Brother Patrick.

And, Mike, who just had some great news, is still around too.

Deo gratias.


St Edwards Blog said...

Oh my - look at this list!

That is all I will say. I miss many, but not all of those who are not blogging at this time.

(ahem - clears throat!)

ConcordPastor said...

Thanks for the mention, Paul. I'm glad you're still around!