Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If We Had a Draft ...

... would American troops be in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Bob Herbert doesn't think so. In his column in today's New York Times, he states:

If we had a draft — or merely the threat of a draft — we would not be in Iraq or Afghanistan. But we don’t have a draft so it’s safe for most of the nation to be mindless about waging war. Other people’s children are going to the slaughter.

It's a good point to consider.

How many of us really have skin in the game? Is it real to us? Or, are the wars just another topic for discussion at dinner?

If I or my brothers or cousins or friends could be conscripted into military service, would I be actively pushing for an end to U.S. military involvement in those war zones?

Or, at least, would I (we?) be paying closer attention?

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MJ said...

Great points, Paul. I remember President Bush had to vehemently deny the possibility of a draft while running for re-election in 2004. It's very sad that the public does not pay more attention to both wars. I've tried my best to follow the events in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it's pretty evident that the public is more concerned with other issues. The Afghanistan war is about to enter its ninth year, and we've been in Iraq for more than six years. Those are very long commitments, especially with no end in sight for Afghanistan. Just because "shock and awe" ended years ago, our brothers continue to die and be scarred on the battlefield.