Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Yesterday afternoon, my old college buddy, Greg, and his wife, Mary, welcomed a new addition to their family:

Welcome to the party, Olivia Mary! May the Holy Spirit always be your guide.

If you are counting, this is the fifth birth of a baby girl this year to one of my friends or family members. Little Olivia joins Nora, Ann, Olive and Mariah. (There actually was a sixth but I have yet to get a photo of the little one born some months back to the wife of my old Western PA buddy Mike Carberry.)

I have one more college friend who is expecting in 2009. But, this time, it looks like the Y chromosome has prevailed. My cousin, Luke, is slated to become a dad in January, 2010. Too early to tell there.

There's an old song that may be appropriate for the entry of all these little ladies into our midst:

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St Edwards Blog said...

Welcome to the world beautiful baby!