Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Go West, Young Man!

Mike Hayes, the “God Googler” and a friend of this space, announced today that he’s headed west – to western New York State that is.

Mike is completing his full-time duties at Busted Halo to serve as a campus minister for students at SUNY Buffalo.

Congrats, Mike! Prayerful best wishes as you begin this new phase of your ministry to young adults.

Back here in Gotham, we’ll miss Mike, his wife Marion (the matchmaker) and their pup Haze (a.k.a. the famous blogging chihuahua).

It’s a bittersweet situation that calls for song:

(Here's guessing that may be the first time "Go West!" has been used in relation to Buffalo.)

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Fran said...

Yes - I think that is a first!

Great video!