Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Innocence and Love

Bit of verse for a Wednesday morning:

And so it is that clothed in innocence and love
I moved forward each day mapping out my work
Praying to God and believing in the beauty of things

-- from "Le Laboratoire Central" (1921) by French poet and painter Max Jacob (1876 - 1944).

The verse was quoted by Harold Bordwell in an essay entitled "The Perfect Sinner" in the February 27 issue of Commonweal. Born Jewish, Max Jacob became a Catholic in 1915, according to Bordwell. In 1944, Jacob was taken by the Gestapo and died a month later at the camp in Drancy.

The photo above is by my cousin Sara. Her caption: "Brookline Blvd. I like my neighborhood."

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