Saturday, September 05, 2009

In Memoriam: Bea Browand, 1948 - 2009

Word has come of the death yesterday of Bea Browand, a wonderful woman and political dynamo from the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

Bea was a grassroots political activist in the very best sense of the term. She understood at her core that all politics is local -- and worked hard locally for candidates and causes at the municipal, county, state and federal levels.

Door-to-door outreach, speaking at public meetings, serving on committees, circulating nominating petitions, organizing events, raising funds, making phone calls, recruiting candidates, training volunteers -- Bea did it all and she did it well.

When I ran for the PA House of Representatives, Bea and her husband, Tom, were generous supporters of my campaigns and did not even live in my district.

Bea died far too young from cancer at the age of 61. Bea, her family and friends are in my prayers.

From the words at end of the funeral Mass:


May the angels lead you into paradise,
may the martyrs come to welcome you,
and take you to the holy city,
the new and eternal Jerusalem.

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St Edwards Blog said...

Prayers for Bea, may she rest in peace and for her friends, her family.