Monday, January 18, 2010

"The Absolute Worst"

The Associated Press took a helicopter ride today in the skies above Haiti.

The images they recorded are tragic:

Hat-tip: The Anchoress via Deacon Greg


Fran said...

On my parish blog an anonymous reader admonished me for having images of Haiti. What I posted is nothing compared to this. I think we need to see it, I really do.

MJ said...


It reminds me a lot of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when it was not unusual to see bodies in the street or floating in the water.

As a young reporter dispatched there by the Charleston Daily Mail, I remember seeing local authorities turning Gate A1 (formerly a Continental Airlines waiting area) at Louis Armstrong International Airport into a morgue. They used a mobile baggage conveyor belt to load bodies into a refrigerated delivery truck. It was a sight I will not forget, although I made sure I reported it in my story so people reading knew what was really happening.

I applaud journalists for taking us to these awful scenes and being honest in their reporting. Through those pictures and words, we can get a glimpse into the full horror of this disaster. And then lend our help in an appropriate fashion.

Thanks for keeping up on this story, Paul.