Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

It is hard to comprehend the terrible news coming out of Haiti following the devastating earthquake there yesterday.

From a blogger on the ground:

When you hear reports that 60% of Port au Prince has been flattened, it’s true. To understand the magnitude of that, aside from the lives affected, consider that Port au Prince is the center of the country. It is where all the main government offices are, where all the main commerce happens and where so many resources are based out of. Consider that infrastructure is almost non-existent. Consider that after 6 years of cleaning up from the World Trade Centers collapse they were still cleaning up. This, is an entire city. The long term effects are baffling. And, we won’t truly know what they are until much, much later.

It is a time for prayer for the people of Haiti.

May the souls of the all the departed rest in peace. And, may God strengthen the injured and those who remain to sift through the rubble.

To make a financial contribution to the relief efforts, you may want to consider Catholic Relief Services.

The image above is from Rocco.

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