Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The Card Game"

Tonight, while on the elliptical at the gym, I watched the PBS Frontline documentary "The Card Game." It's a report on the credit card industry and the new federal law that attempts to regulate it.

The program provided ample food for thought. Here's the beginning:


Fran said...

I started watching this and had to stop. Debt is the darkest sin of my life and I felt sick. It is on the DVR, I will go back to it.

While I know that I am responsible for my own behavior and that I will continue to pay my bills, as I always have, I still feel tremendous anger.

Fran (at work)

Bernie said...

I watched this as well and while it does make me angry I do think it's time everyone took their share of the responsability in this crisis.......:-) Hugs

Fran said...

It is a dark picture all around. I certainly have no plans of not being responsible. I have paid everything all along and pay I still will.

I just do feel terrible about the intersection of what this is, what caused it and the collective aftermath.

That and that the banks do get bailed out... what responsibility is shown there?

(me appearing as me for real now.)