Tuesday, January 12, 2010

China's Crackdown

For Monday's Wall Street Journal, L. Gordon Crovitz penned a disturbing column about China's Web crackdown.

Notable bit:

... last month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a regulation that all Web sites must register with the Chinese government. If these rules are carried out, the result will be "whitelisting" — only registered sites will be accessible. Or as China-watcher Gordon Chang commented in Forbes, "Once the regulation is fully implemented, China will no longer have an Internet, it will downgrade to an intranet." Only some fraction of the world's Web sites, those that register and are approved, would be available.

And, China owns how much of our national debt? This liberty-hating government ultimately has how much control over our country's financial security?

Reminder: For a good read "Between the 'Burgh and Beijing," check out Ambrose-a-Rama.

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