Monday, April 12, 2010

The Best Sauce

I walked home from the gym tonight. It's a fairly long walk but quite do-able on a nice spring night.

Around 9 p.m., I was strolling south on LaGuardia Place, checking out the Kimmel Center window displays, when a young man with a guitar called out to me, "Hey, mister, want to hear a song?"

I stopped. "Sure," I replied.

The young man began to strum his guitar and, seemingly, created a tune on the spot. (Lyric: "Do you like living in New York City?")

The young man and his band, Plastic Fantastic Lover, had been making music in Washington Square Park. They were packing up their van before heading to Long Island for a spaghetti dinner made by one their mothers.

"My mom makes the best sauce," said this particular band member (a Brooklyn native).

Before we went our separate ways, the band gave me a CD with some of their music.

Here's a sample:

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Fran said...

That is such a great NYC story, I love it!