Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mountain View

I'm writing today from Las Vegas, NV. I'm here exhibiting for my gig at the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL). It's an annual gathering (74 years running) of Catholics who lead religious education programs for dioceses and parishes.

Las Vegas was an interesting choice for this year's host city. At first glance, "sin city" doesn't offer many opportunities for prayerful contemplation.

But, admist the glitz, I may have found one.

From my 21st floor room at Bally's, I have a fine view of the nearby mountains. And, while I am by no means an early riser, my body is still on Eastern Standard Time. So, this morning, I was able to watch the sun rise over those peaks.

The photo above is from here.


Fran said...

Vegas can surprise you my friend, there are places for prayer that you might not imagine!

And despite having been there no less than 50 times (I am not a compulsive gambler, but rather a former executive with many trade shows etc there) I have never, ever even walked into the lobby of Bally's! That said, I have been in and stayed in many other hotels along the Strip. And have enjoyed many a desert sunrise and sunset.

Faith said...

I remember one Sunday getting into a taxi and asking to be taken to a Catholic Church. We were brought to the Cathedral of Guardian Angels (not sure of the name). It was an "A" frame modern building. I wasn't sure it was Catholic until I noticed the remembrance on the stain glass window. "In memory of Danny Thomas." You may be too young to remember him, but he was a Catholic entertainer. Anyway, Mass soon started and all was well. The music was "show" quality. I guess the talent pool in Las Vegas is large. Enjoy.

Fran said...

I think it is Guardian Angels; I have been to mass there many times.

I remember Danny Thomas too!