Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do Not Be Afraid

I'm writing tonight from the lone desktop computer at the "courtesy wifi station" at my gym. I'm here, and not in the comfort of my pad, due to what may be the death of my laptop. After three-plus years of use, it looks like both the battery and charger are fried.

Ah, well. It had a good run. A new charger still may be in the offing. But, a replacement also is on order.

My week sans laptop has been a positive thing for book reading and getting more sleep. But, it's been a negative for blogging -- causing an already slow writing patch to get even slower.

I have been particularly remiss in recording that I paid a fourth visit last weekend to Wichita, Kansas. Once again, I visited that little city to exhibit for my gig at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference.

It was a fine gathering. I even met the members of L'Angelus at the hotel pool.

For Sunday Mass, I joined about 2,000 fellow conference-goers for the solid liturgy celebrated in the arena of the Century II Convention Center.

The Gospel passage, which I posted in 2007, was from Luke Chapter 12. It included one of the verses in the New Testament in which Jesus states:

"Do not be afraid ... "

It is a simple message -- but one that has helped to steady yours truly during some of life's challenging moments. I will never forget the Papal Mass in New York City's Central Park in October, 1995, when Pope John Paul II said four consecutive times, "Do not be afraid!" and concluded, "God is with you!"

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