Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tag, You're It!

On Tuesday, a little round of "tag" ensued at this end of the Catholic blogosphere. Those tagged were asked to name their five favorite devotions.

I was honored to be nominated by A Concored Pastor. He got the nod from Deacon Greg whose charge came from Julie, which wasn't at all Ironic.

(Jen was also among Julie's picks. Deacon Scott and The Anchoress were among Deacon Greg's selections.)

So, I should stop stalling ... hmmm ...

... My favorite devotions are:

1. Silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

2. Personal prayers that come to me in the morning on the subway and Metro North train from the city to Yonkers while I'm en route to work.

3. Personal prayers during Communion (sometimes after dedicating a particular reception of the Eucharistic to a need of my own or another).

4. Reading about the lives of saints, esp. those saints with whom I'm not already familiar such as the martyrs from Elizabethan England and 19th century East Asia. (Shameless plug: these readings often originate with my gig.)

5. Sharing some of the faith on-line. For me, this includes providing links on my blog to Sunday homilies as well as tweeting prayers and scripture verses here.

Now it's my turn to tap some folks. I choose my pals Fran and Mike. Tag, you're it!

The image above is from the Daily Mail (UK). It accompanies a February, 2007, article titled "Children banned from playing tag in school playground."


Heather said...

First off, that picture is just the cutest thing ever.

Next, I am owning my complete agree with #2, the prayers that come to you on trains. I don't know why it only happens on trains and not on buses, as I used both for work, but I think the rhythm of the cars juxtaposed with the randomness of the people around you have a way of bringing things to mind that you wouldn't expect in a place like the subway.

Not that I don't agree with 3-5, because I do, but #2 hit me strongly when I read it. And, to be honest, I have never done #1.

Fran said...