Monday, August 07, 2006

Congrats to Petrucci's!

Also in Burgettstown on Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit the new Petrucci's Market. Petrucci's officially re-opened for business on Sunday -- almost two years from the day in September, 2004, when the previous store was damaged beyond repair by the floods caused by the remnant of Hurricane Ivan.

The new building looks great and is a full-service grocery store with a deli and bakery. This Petrucci's will be an IGA.

I also was impressed with the McDonald's Restaurant that was built adjoining Petrucci's. This is the first time a McDonald's has been opened in the same building as a small-town grocery store. I had been expecting to see a McDonald's similar to those located in airports and Wal-Marts. But, to the contrary, it is a distinct McDonald's Restaurant with it's own seating and restrooms. No yellow plastic chairs either -- this McDonald's has an attractive modern design and appealing lighting.

Thank you to Jim and Tom Petrucci and their family for the commitment they have made to Burgettstown and the surrounding area. Thank you for the many, many jobs they have created. In small towns, grocery stores are more than just businesses where people buy food. They are community anchors and gathering places. Burgettstown is blessed to have a local family that didn't let the flood waters submerge their entrepreneurship and community dedication.

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