Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thank You to our Fair Team!

Before any more time passes, I need to say THANK YOU to our dedicated team of volunteers who last week staffed our booth at the Washington County Fair. These supporters included Debbie Guiddy, Jim Guiddy, Charlotte McCreanor, Lillian Weimer, Dianne Gema, Lisa Maust, Phil Camden, Betty Camden, Bonnie West, Sandy West, Ernie McCullough, Meryl Hatton, Bob Keagy, Katherine Zamboky (with her son and daughter), my sister, Amanda Snatchko (and her friend Joe), my cousin, Luke Snatchko, my mother, Diane Hertzler, and my grandmother, Dolores Hoag.

THANKS, too, to Campaign Manager Tom Baker and Assistant Campaign Manager Andy Walz for all of the organizational effort and staffing hours they put into making our participation in the fair a success. (Thanks to Andy for opening up the booth each morning!) An additional thank-you goes out to Phil and Betty Camden who provided the computer on which we showed our photo presentation at the booth.

Fair week will be remembered as one of our favorite parts of the campaign -- it was energizing to meet each day with the fair guests and all of the other daily participants. As as a candidate seeking office in a largely rural area, the fair provided me with the opportunity to meet many voters who I otherwise might not have the chance to speak with one-on-one.

At our booth, we also were proud to register many new voters. Among those we registered was Fair Queen Megan Weinstock of South Franklin Township. Thank you to Megan for getting registered! (The photo of Megan at right was taken by Craig Howell of the PA Focus. Pictured with Megan is Fair Princess Catherine Clemons. Catherine is also a new voter in South Franklin Township!)


heather said...

I googled the name Debbie Guiddy and came up with your site. I have lost contact with her and would like to get back in contact. Not sure if this is the Debbie Guiddy from Pittsburgh that I knew. I knew her about 12-13 years ago when I came to school out there. Used to hang at her house on Sundays with David Kurtz. She came to my wedding in 1996 but then she told me she was moving to Tennessee and we lost touch. Don't know if this is the same Debbie, but if so I would really like to hi again.

Paul said...

Hi, Heather. I sent your post to Debbie Guiddy. Yes, it's the same one. If you'd like to talk to her, send me an e-mail to paulsnatchko@hotmail.com and I'll forward it to her.

(You didn't provide any contact info.)