Friday, August 11, 2006


On Wednesday evening, I attended a meeting of the Avella Area Community Association held in the social hall of the Avella Volunteer Fire Department. Among the speakers were representatives of the Washington County Redevelopment Authority and the Center for Local Government Services (an office of the PA Department of Community and Economic Development).

Among the topics of discussion were the procedures for the consolidation or mergers of neighboring townships. The discussion was a very first baby step in what could be consideration of a coming together of Independence Township and Cross Creek Township.

It's good to see the residents of the Avella area having this discussion. It's appropriate from time to time for citizens to question the structure of their governments and ask if the business of the people could be conducted more efficiently -- it's something we definitely need more of at the state level, too.

Two other major items of discussion at the meeting were code enforcement (notably for neglected properties) and policing in the Avella area. (Currently, none of the municipalities in the Avella Area School District have their own police departments and rely solely on the PA State Police for law enforcement.) I don't think it's a stretch to say that these are two areas where the townships could be more effective by working together.

There is a report in today's O-R about the meeting.


ABA_607 said...

I have posted this dairy on Daily Kos.

We talked for awhile at the meeting and I was impressed with what you had to say. Then I visted your site and feel that you will work for the people of this area.
Please don't let me down.

Ed Vicheck

ABA_607 said...

I just returned from my posting. I had to defend you, and tell them that you are not like others from your party. I have put my reputation on the line for you.

Paul said...

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your support! The discussion (85 comments!) over at DailyKos on your entry there has been interesting to follow. Certainly extreme in places, but interesting. Thank you for trying to explain the local dynamics at work regarding the financing challenges the townships would face if they wanted to start a police department. My guess is many of the posters don't understand the rural nature of our area.

Thanks Again! I'm grateful to have the support of voters of all party affiliations. It's interesting to note that there are more than 4,000 Independent voters in the 46th District.

All the best,