Friday, August 11, 2006

Southpointe II

Today's O-R carries two stories on Southpointe II, the multi-use development on the former Western Center property in Cecil Township.

Barbara Miller reports on the higher-than-expected costs to renovate the landmark administration building. (The drawing of the building at left is from the Southpointe CEO Association Website.)

John Richards has a report on Canonsburg Borough Council's desire for a new connecting road to be built between the borough and Southpointe II.

If I am elected to the PA House on November 7, I would take a keen interest in these issues. We owe it to the former residents of Western Center that this property be developed correctly -- with a focus on maximizing the benefit for the community-at-large. I believe the former Western Center property would be the ideal location for a Community College of Washington County or some other new institution of higher education. In fact, the administration building would be perfect for this.

I also think the planners of Southpointe II should design the project with an eye toward strengthening Canonsburg. Even though the borough is not in the 46th District, it certainly serves as the "town center" for many residents of the 46th in Chartiers and Cecil townships. Energizing Canonsburg's economy and making it a more vibrant place would only add to the appeal (and property values) of Chartiers and Cecil.

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