Thursday, January 18, 2007

Clock is Ticking

The lack of a known GOP candidate for this year's Allegheny County Chief Executive race was noted yesterday by Dave Brown in an article in the Tribune-Review.

Notably, Mary Beth Buchanan didn't return his call seeking comment.

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Jason_Fignal said...

The idea of Mary Beth Buchanan running for this office is disturbing. This idea is dumber than Lynn Swann for governor. I can not comprehend what world you believe she would be effective in the post. Lets look at her past controversal history as US Attorney:

Created a precedent of putting false testimony before the court - US vs. Risha and US vs. Rottschaefer

Created a precedent of utilizing funds designated for Pittsburgh area to go after politically motivated cases in other jurisdictions - US vs. Chong US vs. Extreme Associates (These are all California based companies, so why not enforce law in California and not have Allegheny County pay for costs).

Utilized her office to go after two Korean war vets for fibbying about their ranks - she sought criminal charges against them

Utilized her office to target political opponents Wect, DeFazio, Murphy, and even the Late Bob O'Connor

Caused laws aimed at stopping international terrorism to be put in jeopardy within the courts due to her attempt to improperly utilize the law against a man in a domestir group in her push to gain notoriety

As for the rest of her record, it is equally lack luster. if you take away the convictions for gun violations, she has a limited conviction record to run on.

As for her so-called awards and committees, look at the performance on them:

On Sentencing Guideline Committee - Result 20 year old guidelines ruled unconstitutional

On Patriot Act Committee - Yeah, she was a great marketer on this one, it almost failed to get renewed

On Thompson Memo Committee - Former Governor Thornburgh led revolt against memo. Specter utilized a senate resolution to get the justice department to discontinue the memo