Wednesday, January 03, 2007

End of an Era?

Today's O-R carries a story by reporter Mike Jones about the decrease in Port Authority of Allegheny County bus service to McDonald.

Turns out the story was just one day too early for a bigger hook. PAT announced today that it now wants to totally eliminate service to McDonald and the other southwestern suburbs (Oakdale Borough and the villages of Rennerdale, Noblestown and Sturgeon) serviced by the 33F and 28G.

We're going to speak out against this proposed route elimination at the upcoming public hearings. If PAT's plans do go through, it would mean the end of an era for McDonald. A town founded in the late 1800s at least in part due to the location of a train station would no longer have any public transit.

It would also make life much more difficult for many local commuters. I know many of them personally -- I was a passenger on the 33F for the three-plus years I worked Downtown at the Carnegie Hero Fund.

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