Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Coalition Legislature for PA?

Could a coalition arrangement work for the Pennsylvania legislature?

This Patriot-News article by Charles Thompson asks the question.

I think they should give it a try. Share power. Split up the committee chairmanships. Try to work together for the good of all Pennsylvanians. Stop worrying so much about partisan gain.

Some of the new back-benchers need to push for this. Good policy can sometimes make good politics.

(Hat-tip: Chris Lilik of GrassrootsPA)


Sizzler Sue said...

Reading your blog made me wonder- if you had been elected to the State House, how would you have voted for Speaker?

Would you have stayed true to your party and backed Perzel or would you have voted for O'Brien, who was backed by the Democrats?

Paul said...

Well, "Sizzler Sue," had I been elected to the 46th Dist. seat, the whole scenario may not have occurred as it would have changed the initial post-election party balance.

To answer your question, I don't know.

John Perzel was an initial supporter of my campaign but his political operation bailed out when I refused to authorize negative mailings against my opponent. So, I really wouldn't have owed him much.

But, I had never heard of Dennis O'Brien before the first news reports of his election as Speaker. So, I can't imagine he would have gotten my vote either. (Although, one of the Republicans who voted for him -- Curt Shroeder -- was a supporter of my campaign committee.)