Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Greenlee Partners, the lobbying firm that publishes Harrisburg Online, has this lead brief on their Website today:

Senatorial Privilege! Not noted over the Christmas shopping season was U.S. Senator (and Presidential candidate) John Edward's attempt to get to the front of the line at a local Wal-Mart Store to secure a rare Sony PlayStation3. An Edward's campaign staffer made the call to a Raleigh, N.C. Wal-Mart in an unsuccessful attempt to get the new game for a Senator who consistently bashes Wal-Mart.

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JA said...

Paul, this was reported weeks ago during the shopping season, though where I seen it escapes me. (If I have time I’ll try to do a search).

The staffer claimed he was trying to do a favor for his boss (a little brown-nosing, maybe?)

I find it very hard to believe that Mr. Edwards would knowingly send his staffer to Wal-Mart.