Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate Watch

Earlier tonight, I watched the later half of the Republican Presidential candidates CNN/YouTube debate at the Ron Paul NYC headquarters on West 29th Street and 10th Avenue. Some 80 supporters turned out for the debate watch party -- making it a standing-room only event.

I thought it was a very good forum. The debate, moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper, featured questions from Americans posed via YouTube videos. Here are some compelling moments:

And, for fun:

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Scott E. Crawford said...

The McCain/Paul spar over Iraq was aboslutely stunning. How John McCain can compare Iraq, Iran, or any other country to the Nazis is inconcievable. Iran is surrounded by nations in possesion of nuclear weapons: India, Pakistan, China, Russia, and Israel. Of course they want nuclear weapons. Our double standard in the Middle East is only intensifying anti-U.S. sentiment in the region. I recall the "60 Minutes" with Mohmoud Adinejad, in which he threatened to withold oil from the United States in response to sanctions. A week later, Time Magazine included a portion of that quote in which Adinejad said something about how "The United States will be harmed if they impose sanctions." The Time Magazine quote implies a violent attack, which isn't at all what was actually said. While I don't like the Iranian government, the media is completely overreacting. What's more, a pre-emptive war with Iran would likely get the Russians involved. And for what?

I've yet to hear or see anything that justifies our involvement in Iraq. John McCain said "let the troops win." Win what? What exactly is our goal in the region? How are we to combine three warring factions into one government?

What really bothers me is the fact that our overseas operations is defined as "the War on Terror." That is an awfully broad definition, and can be used to justify almost any military action we wish. How long will it drag on, and at what cost? How much more will our liberties be restricted with laws such as the PATRIOT ACT?

Ron Paul has some radical views, but no other candidate has any clue about the situation in the Middle East, except Paul. whew...I seem to be rambling...

Best wishes and God Bless,
Scott E. Crawford