Friday, November 16, 2007

Martin Crane for President?

Michael Smerconish over at The Philadelphia Inquirer is flirting with Ron Paul:

... the more I talk to Ron Paul, the more sense he makes to me. I've ended both my recent conversations with him more intrigued, even enamored, than when we began.

I think that's because in a political world epitomized by the constant hedging of candidates scared their one false move will end up on YouTube, Dr. Paul is something of a throwback. He's plainspoken, direct and mad as hell. And that's what I find so refreshing. Even when I disagree with him.

Hat-tip: Andrew Sullivan.

An aside: Cousin Casey thinks Ron Paul looks like John Mahoney, the great character acter who played Martin Crane in "Frasier."

You be the judge:

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