Saturday, November 24, 2007

Live from Crazy Mocha

I'm writing tonight from Crazy Mocha, a coffee shop on East Carson Street in Pittsburgh at the South Side Works. We just saw "Enchanted," a Disney-produced spoof of Disney fairy tales. It combined animation with live action scenes on the streets of NYC.

Every 11- to 15-year-old girl in America should go see this movie. The mostly positive reviews it's been receiving are on the mark. Amy Adams, who plays the princess-to-be, is excellent.

Patrick Dempsey (who I find annoying as Dr. McDreamy on "Grey's Anatomy") wasn't bad as her real-life true love. Although, I still think Dempsey's entire career has been based on that damn chin and jawline.

My partner in crime tonight is Heidi Price, late of the Observer-Reporter and now a PR flack for a major university in the Pittsburgh's East End. ("I object to PR flack," she's saying. "Just so I'm on the record.")

Heidi's been moonlighting as a freelancer for Pop City Media, a e-zine about all things cool in the 'burgh. "A cutting-edge e-zine," she injects. Check out the link for her stories there, including her favorite piece on Strip District personalities including a lady she (and everyone else) calls "Dear Heart."

("It's not my favorite," Heidi is insisting over her espresso milkshake. "It's the favorite of people everywhere -- like in West Virginia and Maryland.")

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