Wednesday, January 16, 2008

930,180 Minutes

And, on the other side of the musical spectrum from the PNH (see below), it was announced yesterday that "Rent" is closing after 12 years on Broadway at the Nederlander Theater (pictured above).

Campbell Robertson's
lead in today's New York Times story on the news:

Nine hundred thirty thousand, one hundred eighty minutes.

That’s how you measure the total running time “Rent” will have played on Broadway when, as the producers said on Tuesday, it closes after its evening performance on June 1, making it the seventh-longest-running Broadway show in history.

I knew "Rent" had entered the mainstream one night in early 2006 when, on the campaign trail during my last State House race, I heard "Seasons of Love" performed at an old-fashioned Grange dinner in Bavington, a little village in Robinson Township, Washington County, PA.

"Do all these blue hairs know what this show is about?," I wondered to myself.

The photo above from the
NYTimes Website is credited to Hiroko Masuike.

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