Saturday, January 19, 2008

You Go, Glenn!

Three cheers to Glenn Johnson of the Associated Press for challenging Mitt Romney's claim that there aren't lobbyists running his campaign. Here's the video:

Note to Glenn: Don't sit on the floor the next time you decide to challenge the bogus assertions of a presidential candidate.

Note to the Romney media team: It's lame to hold a press conference at Staples.

Hat-tips: The Darn News and Sully.


Sam said...

Is that where they're at? LOL

Paul and Heidi Adomshick said...


Give me a break. The reporter was acting like a petulant child, not letting Romney even finish his answer to the question. Romney said that lobbyists aren't "running (his) campaign". They aren't. Just because a person who is a lobbyist is a friend and advisor of Romney does not mean that he is running Romney's campaign. The reporter refused to accept that Romney's actual campaign manager is running his campaign. As Romney's staffer said, the reporter was being argumentative. Nothing that Romney said was bogus in any way, as you claim. Your anti-Romney bias is clouding your objectivity.

Regarding the choice of Staples as a campaign stop - next time you see that Ron Paul has shown up at a "lame" location (and I am sure that he has just as often as every other candidate), will you call him on it???

Paul A.

Paul and Heidi Adomshick said...


I should clarify that I agree with the basic premise that Romney is claiming a purity of "no lobbyists in my campaign" that isn't accurate, however, the reporter was still being a jerk.

Paul A.

Paul said...

Thanks for the comments, Paul A. The reporter was acting kind of childish. I'm still glad he spoke up, though.

And, yes, if Ron Paul ever holds a press conference in a Staples, Paper Mart, Target, IKEA or the like -- you'll see it covered at