Monday, January 07, 2008

Juno Chooses Life

Friday night, we saw "Juno." For a plot synopsis and description of the characters, go here.

I liked it. Maybe not quite as much as Robert Ebert, but I liked it.

The pacing was good. The characters were well-portrayed. The soundtrack was enjoyable. And, it had Allison Janney (what more could a former "West Wing" junkie ask?).

What most intrigues me about "Juno" is that it's the second Hollywood offering of '07 that really has a pro-life message. Like "Knocked Up," it shows a current-day young woman faced with an unexpected pregnancy choosing life over abortion.

And, it does so in a humorous, engaging, non-preachy way.

Furthermore, "Juno" explores how adoption can be a good, viable alternative. Thumbs up to that.

Note: "Juno" also was #1 on Sr. Rose's Top 10 of 2007.

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