Friday, January 11, 2008

Greg Hopkins for the Pennsylvania House

Greg Hopkins today announced that he's going to make a second run for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from the 50th Legislative District, which is literally the southwest corner of the Keystone State (the district includes all of Greene County with small parts of Washington and Fayette counties).

In 2006, Greg, pictured, came within just a few percentage points of defeating the district's longtime incumbent.

I had the opportunity to meet Greg several times on the '06 campaign trail when I also was a State House candidate in Washington County. Greg was a fine candidate then and I'm sure he will be again. He's a Morris Township auditor, farmer and community activist. For 11 years, Greg also was an arena football player, most notably for the Los Angeles Avengers.

Best wishes, Greg! Thank you to you and your team for again committing to the rigors of a State House campaign! Thank you for the time, energy and funds you will invest in the race.

For more background, here is Greg's 2006 campaign commercial:

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