Sunday, February 03, 2008

Big Blue's Cinderella Story

I watched the Superbowl tonight with friends at home of Mike, Marion and Haze Hayes out in the quiet neighborhood of Woodside, Queens. While I wish it had been the Black & Gold on the field in Arizona, it was good to see The New York Giants score a win that will cement their '07-'08 season as one of the great NYC sports Cinderella stories.

When I got back in Manhattan, I happened upon a cheering crowd of maybe 200 or so people in the southern end of Union Square Park near the intersection of Broadway and 14th Street.

On the street in front of the Whole Foods store, an M&M Sanitation Service truck was stopped with people climbing on top of it and banging on its metal sides. The driver of the truck, repeatedly honking his horn, seemed elated throughout several minutes of cheering -- only driving away when a cop car approached.

The scene was no where close to the celebrations and waves of joy that spread over Pittsburgh when the Steelers won Superbowl XL, but it was nice to see some New Yorkers proud of one of the city's NFL teams. The only problem? They really didn't have a unifying song or chant. Nothing close to a rally tune like "A here we go, Stillers ..."

The Empire State Building was all in blue, though.

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