Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today, February 5, in addition to being Mardi Gras, is Super Tuesday -- Primary Election Day here in New York and in many other states throughout the country.

No matter your party or candidate, don't forget to vote if you can!

As regular readers of this blog already know, 10-term Texas Congressman Ron Paul -- a native of Greentree, Pennsylvania -- will get my support in the GOP Presidential race when I go into the voting booth in one of the NYU dorms on Third Avenue in Manhattan. Lord knows, it may be a while before I get to vote for another pro-life libertarian in a Republican primary.

There are tons of videos on YouTube about Ron Paul and his White House bid. Here's one of the best:

P.S. A blog worth checking out: Catholics for Ron Paul.

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Welch Family Blog said...

What a waste of a vote!