Monday, February 04, 2008

Robo Rock

Today, I received two recorded calls on my cell phone regarding tomorrow's New York primary election. The first was from Congressman Ron Paul -- quite understandable as I'm sure I wrote down my number on a sign-up sheet for him somewhere along the way.

But, about an hour or so ago, I received a robo call from Chris Rock asking me to cast my vote tomorrow for Barack Obama.

I give the Obama campaign points for originality. Rock is an out-of-the-box pick for such an outreach effort -- and I certainly listened to the whole call.

But, sorry Chris. Unless the Honorable Gentleman from Illinois found a way onto the GOP ballot, I can't help him out at this stage in the race.

By the way: if any of you, dear readers, are Republicans in New York State, here is what the presidential race will look like on tomorrow's ballot:

Ron Paul has the #1 ballot spot -- always a good place to be.

Photo via the
Greater NYC Ron Paul Action Group.

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