Friday, September 05, 2008

A New Addition

I'm sorry to say that travel fatigue, a cold and some Internet connection problems have kept blogging to a minimum this week.

For observations on this week's Republican National Convention (notably reaction to Governor Palin's speech), go to The Anchoress.

And, a personal note:

My cousin, Mary Ellen, gave birth to a son last night: David James Ketterer.

A hearty congratulations to Mary Ellen; her husband, Dan; and their older son, Danny. Cheers as well to all the Snatchkos on Hickory Street in Burgettstown, PA, who I know are celebrating this new addition to the family.

Pace e Bene, David James. Welcome to the party.

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HowiTown said...

Get well soon Mr. Snatchko. Try some of my cabbage soup . . .