Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Democrats' Muck

Of all the results of last Tuesday's election, I think I was most disappointed by the reelection of Rep. Bill DeWeese by about 54 percent of the voters of Pennsylvania's 50th legislative district. For the second election in a row, DeWeese lost the Greene County portion of the district but won the parts of the 50th in Washington and Fayette counties.

Surrounded by scandal on all sides, the verbose Democrat is the majority leader of the Pennsylvania House. He has been a state representative since the year I was born.

This morning I learned that, in the waning days of the campaign, the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee sent out this disgusting piece of attack mail against DeWeese's opponent, Greg Hopkins:

As someone who chose to move out of Southwestern Pennsylvania to achieve greater success professionally, I am offended by this mailing.

As someone who thinks the professional successes of Southwestern Pennsylvanians should be celebrated regardless of where they take place, I am offended by this mailing.

Bill DeWeese was the ugly man in this State House race. And that had nothing to do with his opponent's good looks.

Note to all my Democratic friends: Please recall this one the next time you're apt to think of your party as enlightened and above this kind of muck. The Ds aren't all like Obama.

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