Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Steel City, Steel Circle"

At the end of a post today about the Funeral Mass in Pittsburgh of PA Lieutenant Governor Catherine Baker Knoll, Rocco Palmo (a son of Philly) made this observation about the Steel City:

In a nutshell, this is Pittsburgh -- everything and everyone is melded into one big circle...

Very true.

While I have been interested in the passing of this most prominent woman in Keystone State politics, I have refrained from commenting on it.

Longtime readers of this blog will recall that CBK actively campaigned against the election of yours truly a little more than two years ago.

But, I do pray that the Lieutenant Governor is now in the warm embrace of our Heavenly Father. I also pray that many other women follow her example and seek high political office in Pennsylvania.

Requiscat in Pace, CBK.


Welch Family Blog said...

Holding grudges is not a Christianlike thing to do. I thought your comment in this posting was tasteless considering she has family in the district you ran in.


Paul said...

You're right, John. Holding grudges is not Christian-like. Please pray for me that I can grow into a more mature Christian in that respect.

But, I don't think recalling history is tasteless. CBK wasn't shy in supporting my opponent. I doubt she mind me recalling it in this post.